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Press Release of Senator Walsh

Walsh to Obama: Remove VA Secretary Shinseki From Office

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

(U.S. Senate) - Senator John Walsh, the Senate's only Iraq War veteran, issued the following statement about the Veterans Administration Inspector General report released today:

“The Inspector General’s report confirms the worst of the allegations against the VA and its failure to deliver timely care to veterans. It is time for President Obama to remove Secretary Shinseki from office.

“Montana's and America's veterans deserve an immediate end to the troubles plaguing the VA, and we must take urgent steps to secure the care they deserve. With the launch of inspections of VA facilities nationwide, it’s time to put the partisanship aside and focus on what’s right for our veterans.

“Accountability lies with President Obama, Secretary Shinseki, the VA, and also with Congress, which has the obligation to fully fund the costs of war. Congress must provide the resources that will eliminate the backlog and improve the quality of care available to men and women who have served."

Walsh recently told President Obama that he is "deeply troubled" by allegations of misconduct by the VA. Walsh demanded "changes and tough accountability at the highest levels" if investigations revealed any wrongdoing by the VA. He is also supporting the Veterans Affairs Accountability Act, a bipartisan measure that finally allows any VA employee, including longtime career employees, to be fired if they are found to be involved in cases of mismanagement or are part of the backlog of disability claims or delayed care.